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It would inform the user about any wanted/unwanted software being added
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Spyware Monitor (Spy-the-Spy) is a great tool for the internet users to limit the number of Spywares to your computers. With Spyware Monitor (Spy-the-Spy) any exe or dll added to your system, this would inform the computer user about any wanted/unwanted software being added. The main areas of your computers are the documents and settings and program file along with the windows folder for this kind of Spywares. There are also spyware which would also add via active X on your system, Spyware Monitor (Spy-the-Spy) would also monitor this kind of Spywares. With Spyware Monitor (Spy-the-Spy) one can select the areas to be monitor from your hard disk. Users can also use subfolders of a parent directory with Spyware Monitor (Spy-the-Spy). Users also have the option to add selected files to Quarantine. Spyware Monitor (Spy-the-Spy) with brute force kills the processes quickly one after another to avoid watchdogs and move the exe file to a Quarantine folder. With Spyware Monitor (Spy-the-Spy) there is a wonderful function available called System File check. With System File check Spyware Monitor (Spy-the-Spy) will run windows protection to track the changes.

Manoj Goel
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  • Free tool
  • Available with system file check
  • Can set watch list
  • Guide you when exe or dll is added to your system


  • It does not deny access
  • Does not clean registry
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